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A Portrait... is a software artwork that scans your home directory for interesting images, pictures and bitmap files, and uses them to construct a montage in realtime. Various parameters, options, controls and manipulations are provided, but are only accessible by purchasing a serial number.


Using the software

It is recommended that you find your own creative use for this software. Individuals may enjoy using it to remind themselves of the history of their computer usage. Artists may find some use for it in their own works. Organisations may want to run it on demo machines as a stimulating way of throwing a large amount of graphics at the public.





SWNN200-OSX.dmg (Disk Utility DMG, 968k)



  • Mac OS X 10.2 or higher
  • G4 processor with plenty of RAM free
  • A full QuickTime 5+ install
  • A well-used computer



    A Portrait... is free to use, although most of the advanced features are unavailable unless you purchase a serial number. To register the software online using a credit card, click here.


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