Dear visitor,

Thank you for visiting Signwave's web site. Since 1999 we have been developing innovative software for interesting people - artists, architects, dancers, musicians, designers and anyone that might be interested in alternative uses of software. Our work has been met with generous support from the public, both as direct customers and as those who have encouraged us in the creative sectors.

We've been honoured with awards from the likes of Transmediale and Ars Electronica, and had some great opportunities to take our work to exciting places around the world. We've had support from large institutions and private individuals alike, and it's fair to say that everything we've achieved has been as a result of this support.

However, times change. Signwave no longer exists as a business, and its legacy remains as a collection of various different pieces of software scattered around the world on people's computers. As you can imagine, we are unable to support this legacy any longer, and so regretfully we must inform you that we no longer distribute or support software products.

Finally, we'd like to thank everyone who supported us over the years, and wish you the best of luck using our software.


ps. Please come visit us at if you need interactive software.


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